TOOL INDIA Steel Casting Company is a custom job shop foundry dedicated to providing a quality product as efficiently and economically as possible. TOOL INDIA Steel Casting Company produces castings from 10LBs to 4500 LBs in the following metals..

TOOL INDIA Specialty

Tool India provides castings from 10 to 4,500 lbs, in various metallurgies and heat treating combinations.

for the petroleum, construction, transportation, general and marine industries.

Duplex Hook Pouring Weight: 2,500 lbs.
Cylinder Mount Pouring Weight: 1,020 lbs.
Trailer Axle Hub Pouring Weight: 3,405 lbs.

Good Solution For Your Business!

Tool India provides best solution to all your business need. We help to increase the efficiency of power plants all over the INDIA by providing operators with in-depth advice on how to maintain, repair, rebuild and restore shafts and gearboxes – devices that play a crucial role in power plant assemblies.

We understand plant maintenance – and the challenge that you face in ensuring reliability, safety and durability. We offer you an extensive network of experts, knowledge and innovative technologies to master this challenge.

Our Products

Energy Marine
Construction Specialty
General Industry Transportation
To do the job " RIGHT, THE FIRST TIME", so as to prevent rather than rectify the errors. To prepare the plan of action & deliver in time, every time. To improve continuously through self evaluation & assessment .And to increase the turnover atleast by 30% per annum

“ We value all of our clients. We
also our customer’s outlook.”

Sneha Patil

“ We value all of our clients. We
also our customer’s outlook.”

Sonal Sinhal

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